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Fountain Pen Cartridge & Converter Fitting Guide

Fountain Pen Cartridge & Converter Fitting Guide 0

The table below has been created by us to demonstrate to our customers which brands have cartridges and converters that are interchangable between them. I.e. a Pelikan International Standard will also fit a pen the same way an International Standard Diamine would.

However, all the brands where the cartridges and converters are Manufacturer's Specific - They will ONLY fit their own brand pens. For example, you would not be able to fit a Lamy cartridge in a Sheaffer pen.

  • Ross Adams
Pelikan Fountain Pen & Nib Sizes

Pelikan Fountain Pen & Nib Sizes 0

Our most popular type of pen is a fountain pen and so we have put together a size comparison of the fountain pens from the the Epoch, Pura, Souveran and Ductus ranges.

In the above comparison, it is important to note that the M600 in the centre could be considered a 'normal' sized pen. The M405 and Epoch above it are smaller than average, but become normal sized when the cap is taken off and 'posted' on the other end of the pen to write.
  • Ross Adams