Visit Our Shop in South Wales - Pelikan from Pure Pens

We have been selling online since 2004 and have customers all over the world, but just because we are predominately an online mail-order shop, we do welcome people coming in person to see and test out pens and inks they are interested in buying.

Our office is NOT a warehouse with shelves stacked to the ceiling and because we are relaxed and not in a city centre, it may just be the perfect place to come and look at pens!


We are right next to the M4 motorway (you may have seen the red dragon on our roof when driving past!), we have free disabled friendly parking right outside the door and have knowledgeable and helpful staff.

We have a wide range of pens, including samples of every ink colour which we sell, all 600 or so of them!

The Visit

We would suggest you give us an email before turning up just to make sure we have not all popped out for lunch and to ensure that the pen you want to come and look at is in stock.

Ross Adams
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