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Aston Leather Cases

Protect and enhance your Pelikan with a quality leather pen case
Pelikan Specialists

Pelikan was established in 1838 in Hannover and have become world-renowned for their fine writing instruments and high-quality inks. 

With their first pen produced in 1929, Pelikan pens retain a time-honoured quality. Indeed, their higher-end ranges are still individually crafted to attain perfection, and despite their continual success, still base their manufacturing in Germany. 

Here at Niche Pens, we want to help you find that perfect pen and we want to ensure that you experience the very best of what Pelikan has to offer.

Pelikan M205 Moonstone Pen & Ink
Pelikan Ball Pens Niche Pens Pelikan Specialist
About Us

We have been selling Pelikan pens since 2004 and have built up an unrivalled knowledge and stockholding ever since! We also run the Pure Pens website which offers other makes of pens and inks.

Pelikan started our little online pen shop back in 2004 and we are still family run and based in Newport, South Wales

(Ross Adams pictured with his wife Vicky and two daughters)