The Pelikan Souveran range is their flagship collection and is available in a choice of sizes, colours and writing types to suit all tastes. The models are explained below:

M + model number, such as M800, is the 'mechanical' fountain pen (or Mechanish Federhalter in German)

K+ is the ball pen (Kugelschreiber)

R+ is the Rollerball

D+ is the Mechanical Pencil (Druckbleistift)

In the cheaper ranges, there is also a P+ which is the cartridge fountain pen (Patronen)

The M1000 is the flagship pen and is available in Black or Green with gold trim and only as a fountain pen.

The 800 range is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or rollerball pen with gold trim. The 805 is the same size pen, but comes with silver trim. In total, there are 6 colourway options for the 800/805 range.

The 600 range comes as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and mechanical pencil. 

The 400 and 405 range come in 7 different colourways with either gold or silver trim and also the unique White & Honey Tortoiseshell effect.

Finally, the 300 range comes in Pelikan's traditional green striated colourway as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil.

The range can be seen below and filtered on this page by price, popularity or alphabetically.