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Pelikan Fountain Pen Nibs - Italic & Oblique

Pelikan Fountain Pen Nibs - Italic & Oblique 1

Historically, Pelikan's nibs had a square tip which means they gave a good line variation when writing - a little bit italic. If you are left handed, there is a good chance that you hold the pen in the ‘wrap around’ grip to prevent the side of your palm from smudging the words you have just written before the ink dries. When the different hold is used, the nib would not sit flat on its smooth edge and often would dig into the page on one of its sharp edges - not good! It would make the nib feel scratchy, write inconsistently and sometimes flick ink as it jumped when the edge lost its grip. 
  • Ross Adams
Start of Niche selling Pelikan Pens

Start of Niche selling Pelikan Pens 0

Niche Pens have been selling Pelikan fountain pens and inks for over a decade. We discovered Pelikan by accident when looking for another make of pen, which is the market leader in the expensive pen domain. As a fountain pen user throughout school, when GCSEs had been finished and results were in, a pen was sought as a congratulations gift. We bought a used said Pelikan competitor from an auction website and when it arrived in the post after a couple of days, it was not as good as was expected for its value.


  • Ross Adams