40 Years of Souveran Anniversary Fountain Pen - Pelikan from Pure Pens

At the end of 2022 Pelikan released an anniversary fountain pen to honour 40 years of the Souveran. The Souveran M800 40 year Anniversary fountain pen is a tribute to the first pen launched under the Souveran brand in 1982. 

This pen was the M400, with its green and black 'Stresemann' striped barrel. The M400 played a big part in Pelikan's history. It has been hailed at helping to turn around the fortunes of the company when they were in financial troubles in the early 80s.

Today, 40 years later, the Souveran ranges are a main selling point for Pelikan. 

Pelikan 40 Years Anniversary Fountain Pen

The new 40 Year Anniversary pen is based on the size and shape of an M800 but due to its gilded piston knob and mid section it is heavier than that of the original.

It measures in at 14.2cm, the same as the average M800 however it weighs 36 grams, much heftier than a standard M800 coming in at just 29 grams.

It features an 18 carat gold medium nib which is engraved with the Pelican and chick in it's nest along with the words '40 Years'. This limited edition pen comes in a sleek black cube shaped gift box that opens up to present the pen and a bottle of 4001 dark green fountain pen ink with special anniversary label.

This pen is limited to 888 pieces worldwide. The quantity is significant in that the number 8 is a lucky number to many cultures and it signifies the infinity symbol, something Pelikan are keen remind us that they are still a permanent name in the fine writing industry.

Pelikan 40 Year Anniversary Fountain Pen and Presentation Box

Ross Adams