M800 and M805 Special Editions - Pelikan from Pure Pens

Over the years Pelikan have released many special edition pens, many of them limited editions which are no longer available to buy. Here is a complete list of the M800 and M805 releases.

M800 Brown-Black 2019
M800 Stone Garden 2018
M800 Renaissance Brown 2017
M800 Grand Place 2016
M800 Burnt Orange 2015
M800 Tortoiseshell Brown 2013
M800 Blue o' Blue 2010
M800 Demonstrator 2008


M805 Blue Dunes 2019
M805 Ocean Swirl 2017
M805 Vibrant Blue 2016
M805 Transparent 2015


M815  Metal Striped 2018


All editions were issued with a 18ct gold nib.

Ross Adams