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Range of Pelikan Fountain Pens

Our most popular type of pen is a fountain pen and so we have put together a size comparison of the fountain pens from the the Epoch, Pura, Souveran and Ductus ranges.

In the above comparison, it is important to note that the M600 in the centre could be considered a 'normal' sized pen. The M405 and Epoch above it are smaller than average, but become normal sized when the cap is taken off and 'posted' on the other end of the pen to write.

N.B The Classic M200, M205 & M215 are exactly the same size as the M405 (top right). They can be seen below.

Our best selling fountain pens are the M400 (or M405 which has silver rather than Gold trim) for both men and women and M800 (or M805) which is most bought by men who prefer a large pen.

The M1000 is a very large pen which is most often bought as a signature pen for men or a pen for small amounts of writing, such as writing doctor's prescriptions.


Range of Pelikan Fountain Pens (Cont.)

To the right is a size comparison of the more affordable range of fountain pens from Pelikan.

The Classic and Epoch pens are a little smaller than average pens, but are designed to be written with the cap 'posted' on the opposite end of the pen to the nib and this extends the length.

The M215 and Epochs have metal barrels so are weighty pens.
The M150 and M200 are made from glossy black, high quality resin.
The Dion is made from plastic which is coated to give a slightly rubbery feel.

All of these pens come with steel nibs, on the M150 and M200, it is gold plated to match the gold plated trim on the pen.

Comparison of Pelikan Nib Sizes

Nibs for the fountain pens in the Classic and Souveran range can be bought on their separately of the pen, for example to replace a damaged nib or as a spare in another width. The picture to the right shows the sizes of the nibs from the smallest M300 up to the M1000.

The M600 pen shown could be considered a normal sized. The M800 and M1000 nibs on the far left are large and very large nibs respectively. They are noticable in the pen and do draw comments for their gold and rhodium decoration which they share with all the Souveran range of nibs.

N.B The Ductus is no longer available.

Ross Adams