Pelikan Classic M200 Fountain Pen - Green Marbled

£91.67 £112.50

A green marbled finish was available a number of years ago in the M200, but this new release is a slightly darker colour with more variation in the swirls than before. Side by side, you can see the difference in the colours.

 The Pelikan M200 Green fountain pen is the original Classic model. The M200 fountain pen has a gold-plated steel nib as standard.

The ink filling mechanism is Pelikan's trademark differential piston, meaning it can only be used with bottled ink.

The M200 is polished resin with a screw on cap. The pocket clip is gold plated steel and shaped like a pelican's beak - which is a great design touch.

Weight - 14g; Length (Cap Closed) - 12.5cm; Length (Cap Posted) - 15cm

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