Pelikan Classic M200 Orange Delight Special Edition Fountain Pen

$161.00 $175.00


Crafted with highly polished orange resin parts, this fountain pen offers a cosy warmth while maintaining an air of mystery with its translucent barrel. The cap, adorned with a golden Pelikan logo against an orange backdrop, complements the design perfectly. The piston mechanism and the fact it is available in four nib widths, make it a versatile choice for fountain pen enthusiasts. Complete the experience with the Edelstein Ink Mandarin for a perfect matching ink in a fresh, bright orange hue.

It is available in widths EF, F, M and B to cater for the individual preferences of every writer. In addition, the coordinated ink window provides a view of the ink level, allowing you to keep an eye on the ink supply at all times.

Weight - 14g

Length (Cap Closed) -12.5cm

Length (Cap Posted) - 15cm

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