M + model number, such as M800, is the 'mechanical' fountain pen (or Mechanish Federhalter in German)

K+ is the ball pen (Kugelschreiber)

R+ is the Rollerball

D+ is the Mechanical Pencil (Druckbleistift)

In the cheaper ranges, there is also a P+ which is the cartridge fountain pen (Patronen)

In the Souveran range (meaning Sovereign in German) there are 5 model sizes. The higher the number, the larger the pen:

The M1000 is the flagship pen and is available in Black or Green with gold trim and only as a fountain pen.

The 800 range is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or rollerball pen with gold trim. The 805 is the same size pen, but comes with silver trim. In total, there are 6 colourway options for the 800/805 range.

The 600 range comes as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and mechanical pencil. 

The 400 and 405 range come in 7 different colourways with either gold or silver trim and also the unique White & Tortoiseshell effect.

Finally, the 300 range comes in Pelikan's traditional green striated colourway as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil.


There is a range called Toledo which come in two sizes, based on Souveran models and then have a sterling silver sleeve around the barrel which is hand engraved. The M900 is based on the M800 so is the same physical size and has the same 18c gold nib. The M700 is based on the M400.

The Classic range now comes in only the 200 range and is the same physical size as the 400. It comes as a ball pen, rollerball and mechanical pencil in choice of colours and with gold (200) or silver (205) trim. There is also one stand alone model in one colour/design called the 215 which has a metal barrel which is lacquered black.


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