Pelikan have been making fountain pens since 1929 and have a well deserved reputation for manufacturing great quality and writing fountain pen nibs. As pens from other companies will write in different ways, we have put together some handwriting samples so you can see how a Pelikan fountain pen compares to other makes.

The below writing samples are on Rhodia lined paper with standard line spacing.

Some of the below images appear to show sizes with not too much variation between sizes and in reality this is sometimes the case. Pelikan nibs are finished by hand, so there will be some variation however it is worth considering that people write on different paper qualities, with different inks and with different levels of pressure and these factors will all contribute to how wide the nib will write. Pelikan nibs tend to be quite wet and whilst we don't suggest you HAVE to use Pelikan ink in your Pelikan fountain pen, they do tend to work tell together as the 'wet nib' and 'dry ink' compliment each other because they were developed side-by-side.