Pelikan Classic M205 Rose Quartz Special Edition Fountain Pen

In colour psychology, the colour rosé stands for romance and caring. With this emotional colour effect fits this ink colour perfect for personal, handwritten Embassies. The natural gemstone rose quartz changes in its colour effect between very soft pink and intense rosé, the hue of the M205 Rose Quartz is finely tuned to match. The bright interior components ensure a pure colour effect. The slightly velvety-matt material allows a view of the piston mechanics and the level of the ink. is available this series for the first time exclusively as a piston fountain pen and fascinates with silver-coloured decorative elements such as clips and rings. The highly polished stainless steel nib offers depending on the individual Handwriting characteristics in the nib widths EF, F, M, B, a soft writing feel.

The fountain pen M205 Rose Quartz is for romantic messages as if made. Whether pure as a fountain pen or as a gift in the colour matching set with the gemstone Ink of the Year 2023. Rose Quartz.

Weight - 14g

Length (Cap Closed) -12.5cm

Length (Cap Posted) - 15cm

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