Pelikan Souveran M1000 Fountain Pen - Renaissance Brown

£657.50 £745.83
Introducing the M1000 Renaissance Brown – a timeless beauty reborn in a new size! It was formerly available in the smaller M800 size, now long sold out.

Inspired by the artistry of the Renaissance era, this pen pays homage to the masters of that fascinating time.

The M1000 is the largest fountain pen of the Pelikan Fine Writing collection. The writing experience is extraordinary due to the large dimension of the smooth swinging 18kt gold nib in various nib sizes: EF, F, M and B.

This very large piston filling pen is the flagship of the Pelikan Souveran range and is the largest pen of the collection. It weighs 33g, and measures 14.5cm in length closed or 17.7cm posted. The capacity of the barrel holds 2.0ml of ink (a standard short cartridge holding 0.75 ml and a standard large cartridge holding 1.45ml.)

The M1000 comes in a smart Pelikan gift box with a faux leather case to protect the pen, which although probably not suitable for everyday use, is a nice addition nonetheless. It comes with Pelikan's three-year warrantee.

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