Pure Pens Ink - Westgate Hotel


2021 is our 17th Anniversary, so we have brought out a small range of inks to celebrate - The Chartist Inks.

Westgate Hotel is a bright blue with dark red sheen

They are to commemorate the 1839 Chartist Uprising in Newport, South Wales - our hometown. Three colours are available and they all are sheening inks made for us by Diamine Inks inĀ 30ml Size.

John Frost was the leader of a group of chartists who marched from the Western Valley to Newport and culminatedĀ inĀ a massacre outside the Westgate Hotel at the hands of the army and police. The Chartists were fighting for 6 updates to the democratic system in the UK.

The front of the labels are unique to each colour, whereas the left side makes up the shield of the City of Newport and the right side shows a section of the Chartist Mosiac Mural. The mural was created in 1978 in Newport City Centre by renown mosaic artist Kenneth Budd and recreated in 1:4 scale in 2019 by Budd's son, after the original was destroyed. The trustees of the work of Kenneth Budd kindly allowed us to print the mural on the label andĀ we haveĀ agreed to make a small donation from the sale of each bottle to the Stroke Association.

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