Pure Pens Ink - Llanberis Slate

The Pure Pens Ink range was first launched in February 2018 by our sister website. The idea behind the ink was to provide a high-quality series to customers, which was affordable, and also told a bit about the company in the process. With Pure Pens a proud Welsh company, developing Celtic-themed inks seemed entirely befitting. Many of the inks tend to sit in between other ink producers' main colours, giving fountain pens another unique palette to add to their collection. At the base of the Snowdon mountain sits the town of Llanberis. The famous mountain railway which climbs the steep hillside to the summit of the highest mountain in all of England and Wales begins its journey here, taking travellers to the breath-taking views from the top. You can see the slate mine of Llanberis with its distinct plum grey hue, now also home to the Welsh National Museum telling younger generations the story of their mining history. This ink has a mid-grey colour with a subtle purple undertone - just enough to make it unique. It shades with each downstroke, giving it a consistently deep appearance. Its very subtle purple tinge is just enough to set itself apart from 'normal' ink colours and is perfect for a slightly different everyday carry. It comes bottled in a retro-shaped 60ml glass bottle, which is hand-filled, hand-labelled and hand-sealed!
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