Pelikan Classic M205 Apatite Special Edition Fountain Pen

£112.50 £158.33

The Pelikan M205 Apatite is the newest Special Edition pen from Ink of the Year range.

This fountain pen is fitted with a polished stainless steel nib as standard, available in a choice of widths. The ink filling mechanism is Pelikan's trademark differential piston, meaning it can only be used with bottled ink.

The cap is polished resin which has a secure screw fit to prevent the nib drying out and also stay securely fitted to the pen. The cap has a 3 start thread, so it doesn't require many turns to get it ready to write. The pocket clip is strong, metal and shaped like a pelican's beak - which is a great design touch.

Weight - 14g
Length (Cap Closed) - 12.5cm
Length (Cap Posted) - 15cm

Comes in a presentation box and guarantee.

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