Pelikan Classic M205 Duo Highlighter Neon Yellow Fountain Pen

£129.17 £166.67

A fountain pen that serves two options. The M205 Duo Highlighter Neon Yellow is a really smart product idea. With a defined stroke of a BB nib the lightening ink reminds you of all important written thoughts out of every text. May it be as a highlighted part in a text passage or written ideas in your own words.

It writes and highlights, just as you like it to do. In its appearance the combination of highlighter ink and the new material of the fountain pen compete with each other for a remarkable result.

This series is available as fountain pen only with differential piston mechnanism . All decorative elements as clip and rings are highly polished and silver shiny. The stainless steel nib is engrained with the Pelikan logo and offers its service in the BB nib width.

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