Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher (3oz)


Noodler's Ink is a small American company run by Nathan Tardif in Southern Massachusetts, USA. The Noodler's Ink Co. is best known for their massive range of colours, the unique and largely hand drawn bottle label artwork and unique properties of their inks. Nathan Tardif is best known for his political views and historical knowledge, which often spills over into the names and labels of his inks.

The name Noodler's comes from a technique of catching catfish by hand. Noodling involves wading into the water and feeling around for small crevasses and catching the catfish who have backed themselves inside by holding onto the outside edges of their open mouth. Nathan says it is the ultimate battle between man and beast and your bank balance and social standing have no bearing on your ability. The catfish can be seen on all the ink bottles packaging.

The glass bottles are simple and affordable and the cardboard boxes are recycled.

Bad Belted Kingfisher is a rich navy blue. Bulletproof, Eternal, Forgery Resistant and Waterproof in 3oz bottle.

Bad Belted Kingfisher, along with its brothers and sisters in the 'Wardens Ink' series, is one of the most forgery resistant inks on the market, protecting the writing even from forgery from the same brand of ink as it is made on a per bottle basis. Named after the Belted Kingfisher of North America and imitating the dark navy blue ploom.

3oz bottle (approx. 90ml)

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