Pen Collecters Wooden Box


Dark wooden storage box to display and protect your pens.

Has a hinged top with transparent perspex viewing window. Chromed hinges and hidden magnets hold the the top in place and lined pen storage tray looks smart and offers separate protection for each pen.

The second layer is an easy access drawer which slides under the top layer and also contains a lined, separated tray.

Stores 23 pens in total and the lovely pictured collection does NOT come with the box! Sorry ;)

Could we ask a favour if you buy this box to go outside the UK ... due to the size and weight, please buy it one its own as we cannot add bottles of ink to the box as it will be too heavy to send with Royal Mail Internationally. Thank you!

Brexit Changes & Considerations

International Shipping Information

Since the UK left the EU in January 2021, the way international shipments are dealt with by Customs has changed. Please take the time to read about it so you know what to expect with cross-border deliveries