Pelikan M405 Silver-White Special Edition Fountain Pen

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The blurb from Pelikan... 

"The defining feature of the Silver-White are the cellulose acetate stripes that adorn the barrel.  The silver stripes, described as an expressive interpretation of the classic Souverän, appear much lighter than those on the Anthracite Stresemann that came before.  The pre-release photos suggest an opaque barrel that lacks a discrete ink view window or any transparency between the stripes like we’ve seen on other models (e.g. M605 White Transparent, 2017).  

The cap, section, and piston knob are made from a white resin.  To round out the silver look, all the furniture is palladium plated. This one sports the typical trim of the modern Souverän which includes two rings at the piston knob, one trim ring on the section, two cap bands, and a beak clip.  The cap top features the company’s single chick logo which is also plated in palladium.  

The nib is a monotone silver color, an effect achieved by applying rhodium plating to 14C-585 gold.  It will be available in the standard widths of EF, F, M, and B. The M405 is 4.92 inches long and weighs 15.3 grams with an ink capacity of approximately 1.30ml making it a smaller pen by today’s standards but one that really shines when posted."

A matching K405 ballpoint in the same finish will also be available. Pelikan suggests the Edelstein Moonstone as a good ink colour to pair with the new Silver-White.

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