Pure Pens Ink - Cwm Idwal

The Pure Pens Ink range was first launched in February 2018. The idea behind the ink was to provide a high-quality series to customers, which was affordable, and also told a bit about the company in the process. With Pure Pens a proud Welsh company, developing Celtic-themed inks seemed entirely befitting. Many of the inks tend to sit in between other ink producers' main colours, giving fountain pens another unique palette to add to their collection. Cwm Idwal is a hanging valley in Snowdonia with a picturesque lake at it's bed. It was designated as a world heritage site in 1991 and was voted as the 7th greatest British natural wonder by the Radio Times in 2005. Cwm simply means valley in Welsh (something Wales is synonymous with) and Idwal comes from the name an ancient King of Gwynydd. The colour is a dark, murky green. It also has a blue hue too and is similar in colour to the depth of a moutainous lake. The ink has good shading too, like the other inks in the Pure Pens Celtic Collection. Cwm Idwal joins the Pure Pens 'Saltire' Blue ink with a layer of reddish sheen.
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