Pelikan M200 Special Edition Fountain Pen and Ink Set - Golden Beryl

£107.50 £141.67

The Golden Beryl, by virtue of hailing from the M200 line, will feature gold plated trim. Amongst these gemstone inspired pens, that has been more the exception than the rule since only 2017’s Smoky Quartz was similarly appointed.

The gold colored furniture will consist of a plated crown clip nut, a single cap band, a beak clip, and a single ring at the piston knob. The cap top will feature the company’s single chick logo and looks to be unique in that it appears to be made from the same translucent material that comprises the rest of the pen, something not often seen on the lower tier models. 

The M200 comes standard with a gold-plated stainless steel nib. Available widths will include the usual assortment of EF, F, M, and B and with the option to upgrade to a 14c gold nib for additional cost (select below and add a shipping note of your preferred width). The ink filling mechanism is Pelikan's trademark differential piston, meaning it can only be used with bottled ink.

Comes in a special edition presentation box and guarantee along with the matching Edelstein Golden Beryl ink.

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