Pure Pens Fountain Pen Cleaner


Pure Pens was established by Niche Pens in 2011. With director Ross Adams initially entering the fountain pen market in 2004 and becoming the first UK retailer of the German brand Pelikan, it was decided a number of years later to expand the Welsh retailer's offering. As a result, Pure Pens now stand as one of the UK's leading online pen shops and have one of the widest selections on offer today.

The Pure Pens fountain pen cleaner does exactly what the label says. This product is perfect for cleaning out your fountain pens for either general maintenance or for stubborn dried up ink that's causing your pen to clog.

Directions: It is not necessary to dilute the fountain pen cleaner, you can use the product as it is. Wash your fountain pen as you normally would with water, until it runs clear then use the flush as a final cleanse. If the ink in your pen is particularly stubborn, you can soak your pen in the fluid overnight. You can also reuse the cleaner, but ensuring to dispose of the fluid after a few uses.

Please Note: The cleaning fluid is, and meant to be tinted.

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