Pen Cleaning & Maintenance Pack


Pen Cleaning & Maintenance Pack is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This Pen Cleaning & Maintenance Pack is a must-have for any regular fountain pen user and contains everything you need to successfully clean and maintain your fountain pen.

The pack includes the following items:

1x 60ml bottle of Pure Pens fountain pen cleaner

1x 30ml bulb syringe

1x 5ml ink sample test tube

1x Ink syringe

1x 3ml of silicone grease

1x Micro Mesh Paper

1x Smart Grip

1x Pipette

2x Brass Sheets

The cleaning fluid is to remove stubborn ink residue from inside your fountain pen nib and ink feed.

The bulb syringe is useful from flushing a pen nib out without having to use a small ink converter.

The syringes is for more concentrated cleaning, using the blunt needle.

Silicone grease is for lubricating the piston mechanism of your pen (if fitted).

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