Custom Pelikan Nib Grinding



This is a service offered by Niche Pens, NOT Pelikan. We can customise a nib which is MEDIUM width or broader into an ITALIC point.

We do NOT offer an Oblique grind (angled tip).

Pelikan Tradition Pens - M200, M205, M215.

Medium - 0.9mm; Broad - 1.1mm; Double Broad - 1.3mm

Pelikan Souveran Pens - M300, M400, M405, M600, M800 & M805

Medium - 0.9mm; Broad - 1.1mm

We DO NOT offer the nib grinding on the M1000. It is a very flexible nib so you can give an italic writing style by varying your writing pressure so a nib grind is not necessary in most circumstances. The flexibility of the nib also means that it does not take well to being ground and can bend irreparably. There are no exceptions to this. We are not willing to risk damaging an M1000 nib. Try swapping the nib to a finer point and varying your writing pressure if you want an italic M1000.

We can grind one of the above nibs into an italic point so it can be used for calligraphy writing. We can cut it: 1) Sharp, so have the most definition between thin and thick lines, or 2) Rounded, so the edges are a little smoother which means it may be more suitable for everyday writing at faster speeds.

Please select the correct nib width when purchasing the pen or nib and then add this product , selecting whether SHARP or ROUNDED.

This service can ONLY be performed on a new Pelikan Pen or Nib bought from us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this service, please contact us before paying to ensure we can accomodate your request. Please allow us 5 working days or so to grind your nib and send it to you.

As nib preference is a very personal thing it may be that when you receive the custom ground nib it is not quite to your liking. Please let us know and we will adjust the nib to your request to ensure you get the writing style your are looking for.

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